Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hi, my name is Gennady and I have been fortunate to work a side job as an intern for a Plastic Surgeon. My work day usually begins in his office with some reception work such as, answering phones, booking appointments and filing patient’s charts. Also, I am usually sent to doctor’s offices or hospitals in an effort to transport important papers or materials for patients.

What's really cool is, sometimes when I'm in the office, the doctor allows me to view some of the surgeries he performs, such as: liposuction, fat grafts, face lifts, etc. I try and help all of my co-workers as much as possible in order to keep the patients happy. One thing I've learned is that the quicker the patients are seen, the happier they are. Which therefore leads to more business for the doctor.

As for what my future holds...hmmmm, in ten years I would love to see myself as a plastic surgeon too. This experience has been awesome!

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