Friday, January 06, 2006

A True Professional

Hi, my name is Paulina and I've been playing tennis for eleven years now. Over the past few years tennis has become my passion and opened the doors for new opportunities.
When I was sixteen I was given the opportunity to travel to Japan. For a month, I was the hitting partner for two Japanese girls who were planning on turning pro. Not only did I meet new people but I got the opportunity to experience a entirely new culture.  
While at home, better known as the Eastern section, I do individual competitions almost every weekend. Recently I started competing on a higher level and playing national tournaments in areas such as Albany and Arizona. My training takes a lot of time out of my schedule, I train 6 times a week, so juggling school and tennis is a very big challenge. 
My life goal would most definitely be to have a shot on a professional level, but I don't believe professional tennis would become a career for me, so I've considered pursuing a career in sports medicine.
Tennis has taught me many things especially how to be independent, how to work well with others, and most importantly how to make new friends in far away places.          

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